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707 Flora

707 Flora’s mission is to create clean, pure and effective skin care powered by an exotic blend of CBD and other phytocannabinoids, technologically advanced actives & unique delivery systems in the most luxurious textures in proprietary formulations.


707 Flora’s premiere CBD active complex is FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT that boasts a myriad of benefits because it is extracted from the whole plant. Every one of our products are formulated with this non-psychoactive high grade, full spectrum extract which has absolutely no isolates, fillers or synthetics.


707 Flora’s skincare maximizes the ENTOURAGE EFFECT utilizing the most diverse and exotic cannabinoids work in synergy with other proven actives to penetrate to the skin’s network of pathways, resulting in more vibrant, youthful, & healthier skin.


707 Flora values clean, high-performing actives and stands by a commitment to provide safe, effective, skin changing products