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Saffron & Sage

Rather than mask or suppress your skin's natural function, our products work with your skin’s natural processes to cleanse, minimize the appearance of pores, even skin tone, soften and firm.

At Saffron & Sage, we address the person, not the symptom. We don't treat dry skin. We don't treat acne, nor dehydrated skin, nor wrinkles. We take a holistic approach to facial care. We like to think of our system as a daily multivitamin, mineral, and active nutritional regimen for your skin. We provide your skin everything it needs to correct and heal itself, to self regulate, and work in it's optimal capacity. Your body is amazing and knows what to do better than any other external source. When you cut your finger, it's not the bandage or ointment that lays new skin. It's you! You did that!

It's not about flavour of the month 'miracle' ingredients or mega doses that can cause complications, it's about applying what you need, daily, to achieve and maintain healthy skin for a naturally radiant glow.

At Saffron & Sage they employ a team of doctors and biochemists to ensure that the products they make actually work as we say.  That’s why when Bristol & Sussex formulate their clean, all-natural products, they focus on two things: Safety and Bioavailability. They use clean, all-natural ingredients because they are both.