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Katari Beauty

We take simple ingredients in natural beauty very seriously. How small beauty brands actually go around the world and personally source every single darn ingredient to its source?

We work with local women non-profits and villagers who specialize in ancient methods of hand-crafting natural beauty products. If you have not tried our rose water (Roseau) yet or did not fall in love with Hoba, our hypoallergenic plant wax for skin and hair, we welcome you to try and when your skin really needs help and Botox is not an option, Barie, our unique serum can do the trick of making skin look and feel like a million bucks.

Our collection of single-ingredient products is easy to use, has no limitation on use or on type of skin or hair, has virtually no expiration date naturally, does not use any preservatives, has subtle scents and will not hurt your skin sensitivities.

We believe in working with people directly and knowing where and how every single part of our incredible collection came to be. We want you to experience the stories of artisans and their artistry through everything you touch. We hope that our efforts help preserve ancient crafts and thousand-year old traditions of purest, timeless Mediterranean single-ingredients.

Experience for yourself and help us preserve ancient sustainable crafts and stay beautiful naturally with incredible and simple offerings that will make your skin addicted (in a good way).