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Eye Shadow


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Our Eye Shadows offer high pigment, rich hues and timeless color favorites deliver crease-free coverage to highlight and enhance eyes. Choose out of our twelve stunning Eye Shadow singles to customize a color collection and create a personalized eye look.

Product Features
Creamy Formula Effortlessly Glides on to the Eyelid
Up to 12-hours of Lasting Eye Shadow
Very Easy to Use
Cream Stay Shadow Stick Shade Descriptions:
Bamboo: Soft Matte Cream
Cosmic: Cool Matte Taupe
Dolce: Matte Caramel
Eclipse: Deep Matte Black
Espresso: Matte Black/Brown
Frolic (Formally Banana): Matte Soft Buttercream
Grounded: Shimmery Mid-toned Metallic Brown
Locket: Shimmery Warm Peach Champagne
Mahogany: Matte Reddish Brown
Mirage: Shimmery Blush Bronze
Ribbon: Shimmery Pale Pink
Twig: Matte Taupe Brown
How to Use
Apply to the eye lid area. For an even longer wear, apply after applying Shadow Primer or Cream Stay Shadow Stick!

Placement Inspiration
  • These Shades Can Be Used as a Base: Bamboo, Cosmic, Frolic, Grounded, Locket, Mirage
  • These Shades Can Be Used as a Transition: Cosmic, Dolce, Twig
  • These Shades Can Be Used for the Crease: Cosmic, Dolce, Eclipse, Espresso, Mahogany, Grounded
  • These Shades Can Be Used as a Highlight: Bamboo, Frolic, Locket, Ribbon