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Priming Oil


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Epionce Priming Oil, part of the Essential Recovery Kit, consists of key Epionce botanicals Safflower and Meadowfoam Oil, plus Coconut Oil. These encourage extra hydration and help with post-procedure healing. If you have some Priming Oil left over after a treatment, try these uses to help your skin.

Added hydration before Renewal Facial product.

Epionce Renewal Facial products contain the proper balance of moisturisation for your skin needs. During certain times of the year, such as busy summer travel, the skin may experience irregular dryness. Apply the Priming Oil before your Renewal Facial product to boost hydration and help diminish dry patches.

Apply to dry nail cuticles.

Priming Oil is great for all over the body, including nail cuticles. Priming Oil helps to protect damaged skin as it heals, while hydrating and softening. Apply a few drops to the edge of nails and massage into skin to visibly help improve cracked skin. Finish with Restorative Hand Cream for softer, healthier-looking skin on the hands.

Use all over your body.

Priming Oil is great not just for face, but arms, legs and stomach for smooth and soft skin. Just a couple of drops helps hydrate dry skin before applying Renewal Body Lotion. Plus, Priming Oil’s natural fragrance leaves skin smelling amazing! For best results, apply to clean, dry skin after a shower.